NQ Mobile celebrates 8th anniversary


NQ Mobile celebrated our eight year anniversary in late October, and it’s just the beginning for our company as we expressed our Never Quit attitude. In China, the auspicious number 8 is associated with prosperity and joy. Around 1,500 employees, partners, and media joined us in Beijing to commemorate this joyful occasion. During the event, NQ Mobile looked back on our humble beginnings in a kindergarten school in 2005 to growing to a nearly $200 million revenue run rate in 2013. Our hundreds of millions of customers already span over 150 countries and thousands of retail locations. We also  shared our global vision for the future. And, we will continue to expand with new products like NQ Live and new partnerships like China Mobile offering NQ Family Guardian. NQ Mobile will Never Quit and we look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries.


A Letter to the NQ Team


We have worked diligently to establish NQ Mobile as a leading global provider of mobile Internet services. As a result of the increased breadth and strength of our product portfolio and the growing acceptance of our products by our global partners and end consumers, we have entered a period of significant growth.  It is unfortunate to see this continued progress being temporarily overshadowed by the false and malicious attacks of a short seller.  As a company, we remain confident and resolute and will continue to grow stronger.

I am extremely proud of our employees for their continued focus on meeting the needs of our customers and conducting themselves in a highly professional manner.  They have remained focused on running and growing our business with both existing and new customers and partners.  Most important, they have remained focused on being a cohesive, collaborative and supportive team.  I want to thank each one of them for their focus, dedication and confidence.

Our team doesn’t stop with our employees.  It extends to our customers and partners.  Our partners have not only stood strong with us, but they have continued to expand their partnerships with us.  In fact, there is no greater validation of our products and technology than China Mobile and China Unicom announcing expanded and new partnerships with NQ Mobile in the past week, as well as Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei confirming their partnerships with NQ.  In addition, just two weeks ago, we announced the most significant new product in the history of our company, NQ Live.  NQ Live uniquely delivers new capabilities for each participant in the mobile ecosystem, starting with the content originator, through the carrier, and on to the mobile user. NQ Live does this in a way that no other platform has been able to accomplish.  I am extremely excited about the future enabled by NQ Live.

Our team also includes our shareholders.  I have been on the phone with and met face-to-face with many of you.  I have received countless messages from shareholders of all sizes expressing their support and confidence in us.

I want to tell you that the NQ management team remains strong and resolute in leading and growing our company.  We remain committed to building great technology and products for our customers and consumers while ensuring NQ is a great place to work for the most talented people in the industry.  We remain committed to building the future of the mobile Internet, enabling us to help our partners build even stronger businesses.  We remain committed to providing the best products, technology and service to our customers including mobile security, gaming, advertising, next-generation search and enterprise mobility services.  We remain fully committed to all members of the NQ team.


Omar Khan

Co-CEO, NQ Mobile

Who can you trust online?

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Knowing who to trust online can be a difficult task. Most of us know we can rely on family and friends, but how do we know with confidence that we can believe the advice of an online stranger? For example, if your brother were to recommend an app you could take comfort in knowing that one, he has most likely actually used the app in question and is coming from a place of authority, and two, he is recommending it with your best interests in mind. On the other hand, scammers and spammers are known to game online reviews and can trick you into believing something is true, when it is actually false. Does this mean you should only take recommendations from people you know in real life? Unfortunately, that’s just not practical advice. With that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you decide who to trust online.

  • When purchasing a product, scan multiple customer reviews on Amazon and other sites. Almost all Amazon reviews are written by people who own the product in question, and are simply trying to share their opinion. Amazon also allows you to sort reviews by the most helpful favorable and critical review based on ratings from other users.
  • Make sure you are seeking the advice of an impartial expert. When reading reviews, it can be difficult to detect the bias of the author. Is the reviewer an expert on the topic they are covering? Did they purchase this product with their own money or were they given a review sample? How long did the reviewer actually use the product before coming to a conclusion to recommend it to others?

Companies like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are working on methods to improve online trust, but none have perfected it yet. Google now lets authors verify the articles they publish online so you can explore their profiles, LinkedIn provides skill endorsements that let you see what topics a person is familiar with, and Facebook can let you see which people have a lot of followers. A surprising amount of the information and opinions you find online are bogus, and there is no guaranteed way to know if what you are reading is true, so being cautious is the best solution for now.

Someday, we might have transparent systems that monitor online trust, similar to how credit scores measure a person’s ability to make payments on time and manage their credit. For now, the best way to determine if someone is trustworthy is to use your gut. As the old saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. For important decisions, be sure to seek the advice of multiple experts and examine their backgrounds. If you are unsure about something online, ask your family and friends for advice from someone they trust.

How can parents keep up with all the apps and services their kids use?

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January 28th is National Data Privacy Day, a nationwide effort to raise awareness about the importance of taking steps to protect the privacy of your personal and financial data. In the week leading up to Data Privacy Day we’ll be focusing on the best methods to protect your personal data from harm.

A quick look at a child’s phone might allow a parent to see what apps their kids have installed on their mobile devices, but how does a parent know which ones are safe and which ones might pose a threat? Thankfully there are some online resources that provide app reviews from a parents point of view.

One popular site, Common Sense Media, provides app ratings that can be very useful for overwhelmed parents who are trying to monitor the content their children are interacting with on their smartphones.

Common Sense Media Call of Duty — Strike Team

Example of a Common Sense Media app review

However, none of the available online resources that are designed for parents cover all the latest apps that children are using. For example, the ultra-hot app Whisper, which gets more page views than CNN according to this article in The Atlantic, allows its users to anonymously share secrets with each other, but it has yet to be reviewed by Common Sense Media. We’re not criticizing Common Sense Media (we’re actually huge fans of the site!) but with over 1 million apps available for download on Google Play it is simply impossible for reviewers to keep up. So what is a parent to do?

We all know that parents should be teaching their children how to stay safe online, but it can be nearly impossible to stay on top of all the hot new apps your kids are using. A service like NQ Family Guardian allows parents to create filters for their childrens’ mobile devices and block inappropriate services, websites, contacts, and even apps. The best strategy is to assume that any app could potentially be dangerous and only allow children to install and use apps that you have reviewed yourself.

Interested in trying Family Guardian yourself to see how it can help you to keep your kids safe online? Download a free 30 day trial of the app on Google Play.