NQ Mobile Accelerates EMM Business in Japan

Agreement enables sales agencies to resell award-winning NQ Sky Enterprise Mobile Management Platform to Japanese Corporations

DALLAS and BEIJING, October 29, 2014 – NQ Mobile (NYSE: NQ), a leading global provider of mobile Internet services, announced today that it has signed a reseller agreement with SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp. (SoftBank C&S). The deal enables partners of SoftBank C&S to sell NQSky, one of the most complete, secure platforms for enterprise mobile management, to corporate clients in Japan. The deal is expected to grow significantly the number of enterprises implementing the award-winning enterprise mobile management (EMM) solution.

SoftBank C&S, a Brightstar subsidiary specializing in providing of IT-related products and ICT solutions through 9,000 sales partners, will be responsible for marketing and distribution under terms of the deal. Sales materials and technical support for both re-sellers and end users will be provided by NQ Mobile.

Recognized as one of the most robust solutions of its type, NQSky is a multi-platform, end-to-end solution that addresses the secure mobility needs of medium and large corporations. The all-in-one solution, integrates with companies’ existing IT strategies and addresses the entire device lifecycle.  NQSky’s complete capabilities for unified protection and management include mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and mobile content management (MCM) as well as secure tools for e-mail, instant messaging, file sharing and synchronization tools.

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About SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp

SoftBank C&S, a subsidiary of Brightstar Corp., distributes various IT-related products, the original business of the SoftBank Group, and also manufactures and markets “SoftBank SELECTION” mobile accessories. Additionally, by leveraging SoftBank Group synergies, SoftBank C&S provides ICT solutions that combine mobile and fixed-line infrastructure with ICT-related products for corporate customers, web services for various mobile devices, and e-procurement services.

About NQ Mobile

NQ Mobile Inc. (NYSE: NQ) is a leading global provider of mobile Internet services.  NQ Mobile is a mobile security pioneer with proven competency to acquire, engage, and monetize customers globally.  NQ Mobile’s portfolio includes mobile security and mobile games & advertising for the consumer market and consulting, mobile platforms and mobility services for the enterprise market.  As of December 31, 2013, NQ Mobile maintains a large, global user base of 481 million registered user accounts and 136 million monthly active user accounts through its consumer mobile security business, 107 million registered user accounts and 20 million monthly active user accounts through its mobile games & advertising business and over 1,250 enterprise customers.  NQ Mobile maintains dual headquarters in Dallas, Texas, USA and Beijing, China. For more information on NQ Mobile, please visit http://www.nq.com.


Fake Google+ App Delivers Fraudulent SMS and Ad Spam

The NQ Mobile Security Center has detected new Android malware masquerading as a Google+ app. The fake app is an SMS worm, and when activated, sends text messages to all of your contacts encouraging them to download the fraudulent app, as well. In addition, the app loads AdMob ads on your phone, resulting in malicious popups that can lead to further app downloads if you aren’t careful.

FraudPlus, otherwise known as a.fraudware.selfmite.a, infected 90 users in 28 countries before it was caught and neutralized. NQ Mobile Security users are protected from any further outbreaks of this virus.

FraudPlus downloads were limited to 3rd party app stores, so folks who exclusively download their apps from Google Play were protected in this case, unless the malware was sent to them by SMS.

Countries affected by FraudPlus

Countries affected by FraudPlus

Package Name: com.google.gsn.plus

SMS Samples (links now redirect to 404 pages):

  1. Hey, try it, its very fine. http://x.co/5XBNm
  2. b. Hi buddy, try this, its amazing u know. http://x.co/5XXHl

Malware Screenshots:

FraudPlus Screenshot     FraudPlus screenshot

Permissions Requested:


Protect Yourself from FraudPlus:
NQ Mobile Security users are already fully protected from FraudPlus and all other malware threats. If you don’t have a powerful mobile security application on your phone, we recommend that you take the following precautions to prevent damage from future threats:

1. Only download applications from trusted and reputable app stores and markets—think Google Play.

2. Always check reviews, ratings and developer information before downloading apps.

3. Never accept app download requests from unknown sources.

4. Closely monitor requested app permissions to be sure the app is accessing no more than what it needs to. That flashlight app requesting your location? Yeah, your gut is correct, that makes no sense so take a pass.

5. Be alert for any unusual behavior exhibited by your mobile phone—it can be a sign of malware. If you find yourself in a situation like this it’s time to run a quick anti-virus check.

NQ Mobile Security for Android is available for download at nq.com and on Google Play.

Eight Ways for Mobile Users to Honor Earth Day

Earth Day brings up reminders of healthy living and responsible habits. Reducing our carbon footprint and conserving energy are practices of every good Earth citizen. As mobile device owners, we need to be aware that earth-friendly habits are important, not only for us to remember, but to teach our kids.  Here are some reminders:

  1. Don’t leave your mobile chargers plugged in. They sap power needlessly.
  2. Dialaphone suggests we replace our old devices only when absolutely necessary, rather than purchasing a new one every time a new model arrives.  The average American phone is replaced every 22 months!
  3. Some mobile companies employ green practices, and there are manufacturers working on producing green mobile phones.  Take a moment to find them before deciding on a new mobile purchase.
  4. Support the idea of solar powered chargers. Currently marketed for use in the field, they could be incorporated into household use for better energy management.
  5. Check your mobile phone settings to be sure you’re using the least amount of power possible.
  6. Donate your used mobile phone to charity to an organization that refurbishes phones for those in the military.
  7. Choose mobile apps that don’t sap your device’s energy resources.
  8. Perhaps most importantly, RECYCLE.  Find your local electronics recycling station and dispose of your devices efficiently and safely.  If you can’t bear to let go of your valuable phone, find an ecoATM kiosk and get a few bucks for it. Don’t contribute to your local landfill by throwing devices in the garbage. If you doubt the damage electronic devices can wreak in a landfill, check out this article by Wirefly that explains the chemicals released and their effect on our water.

Every small effort helps toward keeping our planet clean and safe for future generations.  Join us at NQ Mobile as we celebrate the earth today, and make a commitment to be responsible mobile citizens for life.

CES 2013: Omar Khan Talks With a Cat


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The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week was nothing short of fascinating.  Mingling with space-age gadget- designers and creative geniuses was our own Co-CEO, Omar Khan. Boonsri Dickinson from InfoWeek’s BYTE newsletter held a detailed interview with … Continue reading

Winners! NQ Mobile’s BlogHer 2012 Contest

How excited are we? For starters, at NQ Mobile our amazing new app called Family Guardian for Android, is now out in the world, ready to keep thousands of kids safer than ever. And our website, Guard Your Mobile Family, is live and active as of today.

Even more exciting – our BlogHer 2012 blogging contest was a huge success.  We invited all bloggers to enter who could share their expertise, experience and good humor with their special views on kids, families and smartphone safety, with a prize of cash and a blogging contract with NQ Mobile.

Lots of wonderful people joined us at our BlogHer 2012 booth in New York last month. They tried out our beta version of Family Guardian, and talked to us about it on camera. Their stories are available on YouTube.

Three Winners

As the strongest entries in our contest, we chose Jo White, Kerry Duff and TerriAnn van Gosliga to share their wisdom with our NQ readers. We love their perspectives on kids and mobile safety, and look forward to having their wonderful insights posted on our Guard Your Mobile Family site throughout the year. Meet these amazing bloggers:

Joe White:  Jo is a PhD student studying technology, media, and society at the University of Colorado, and is mom to four kids, aged 12-21. Her popular blog, Mediamum.net, looks at all the challenges of being a Chief Everything Officer in a busy tech-savvy family.

Kerry Duff: Kerry is the creator of CEOoftheHouse.com, a lifestyle blog. This mother of four loves to travel, cook, and take photos of everything. Kerry relies heavily on technology to make her life easier, and welcomes the challenges of navigating her children through their experiences online.

TerriAnn van Gosliga: TerriAnn is a mom of one tween girl, whom she homeschools. TerriAnn blogs daily at cookiesandclogs.com, a lifestyle blog that helps other families decide about places to go, things to do, and products to try.

We at NQ Mobile are happy to welcome Jo, Kerry and TerriAnn!  Please help us make our new mom-bloggers feel right at home by Tweeting us, posting on our Facebook page, reading and “liking” their posts, and sharing your own ideas and opinions about their observations.  Have a look at our richly informative Guard Your Mobile Family site for tips, ideas and guidance for smartphone-owning parents, kids and teachers. And don’t forget to check out our winners’ personal blog sites, as well.

Waiting in Line for an iPhone 5 — Crazy, or Cool?

Check out today’s entertaining poll by CNETasking people if they’d wait in line for a new iPhone!  There’s even an option to check “I’m in an iPhone line right now.” It’s astonishing to check out the news today and see how many folks are so in love with the idea of getting new iPhone 5, they’re willing to sleep on the street for it.

NQ Mobile iPhone 5 fans in Dallas

People lined up for blocks

In an Oakland mall, one woman laments that there are no cases available for this innovative device yet. The LA Times reports a party atmosphere as the Apple die-hards join together in anticipation, in major cities across the U.S.  CNN reports that rather than waiting in lines that trailed for blocks, at least one person in Atlanta camped out at 5 p.m. on Thursday to begin the long wait for the 8:00 store opening.  But it’s not just here.

Global Apple fans

Throngs of shoppers lined up outside Apple stores in Sydney, Australia; Tokyo; London; Paris; and Munich, Germany, among other cities where the phone went on sale hours ago. Dozens had been waiting outside Apple’s flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue since Monday. “

It’s a party all over the world.  Steve Jobs would be proud. Our mobile culture is in full swing, and if any company can make that point, it’s Apple.  Not everyone’s an iPhone fan, and Android fans are ignoring all the fuss.  But, it’s no small event to sell ten million phones in a weekend.

Go for it

Our advice? If you want one, go get one! Just be sure to protect your new device with NQ VAULT for uber-privacy on your mobile phone, whether it’s your Android, your old iPhone, or the new iPhone 5.  It allows you to secure your photos and videos in a safe place that only you can access. After installing this free app, party on, fankids.

Tell us about it

Join our discussion on Facebook and Twitter – did you get a new iPhone 5 today?  Are you planning to get one?  Did you wait in a line, or are you ordering online?  Or, did you pass on this one? Talk to us – we’d love to hear from you.