NQ Mobile Accelerates EMM Business in Japan

Agreement enables sales agencies to resell award-winning NQ Sky Enterprise Mobile Management Platform to Japanese Corporations

DALLAS and BEIJING, October 29, 2014 – NQ Mobile (NYSE: NQ), a leading global provider of mobile Internet services, announced today that it has signed a reseller agreement with SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp. (SoftBank C&S). The deal enables partners of SoftBank C&S to sell NQSky, one of the most complete, secure platforms for enterprise mobile management, to corporate clients in Japan. The deal is expected to grow significantly the number of enterprises implementing the award-winning enterprise mobile management (EMM) solution.

SoftBank C&S, a Brightstar subsidiary specializing in providing of IT-related products and ICT solutions through 9,000 sales partners, will be responsible for marketing and distribution under terms of the deal. Sales materials and technical support for both re-sellers and end users will be provided by NQ Mobile.

Recognized as one of the most robust solutions of its type, NQSky is a multi-platform, end-to-end solution that addresses the secure mobility needs of medium and large corporations. The all-in-one solution, integrates with companies’ existing IT strategies and addresses the entire device lifecycle.  NQSky’s complete capabilities for unified protection and management include mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and mobile content management (MCM) as well as secure tools for e-mail, instant messaging, file sharing and synchronization tools.

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About SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp

SoftBank C&S, a subsidiary of Brightstar Corp., distributes various IT-related products, the original business of the SoftBank Group, and also manufactures and markets “SoftBank SELECTION” mobile accessories. Additionally, by leveraging SoftBank Group synergies, SoftBank C&S provides ICT solutions that combine mobile and fixed-line infrastructure with ICT-related products for corporate customers, web services for various mobile devices, and e-procurement services.

About NQ Mobile

NQ Mobile Inc. (NYSE: NQ) is a leading global provider of mobile Internet services.  NQ Mobile is a mobile security pioneer with proven competency to acquire, engage, and monetize customers globally.  NQ Mobile’s portfolio includes mobile security and mobile games & advertising for the consumer market and consulting, mobile platforms and mobility services for the enterprise market.  As of December 31, 2013, NQ Mobile maintains a large, global user base of 481 million registered user accounts and 136 million monthly active user accounts through its consumer mobile security business, 107 million registered user accounts and 20 million monthly active user accounts through its mobile games & advertising business and over 1,250 enterprise customers.  NQ Mobile maintains dual headquarters in Dallas, Texas, USA and Beijing, China. For more information on NQ Mobile, please visit http://www.nq.com.


Fake Google+ App Delivers Fraudulent SMS and Ad Spam

The NQ Mobile Security Center has detected new Android malware masquerading as a Google+ app. The fake app is an SMS worm, and when activated, sends text messages to all of your contacts encouraging them to download the fraudulent app, as well. In addition, the app loads AdMob ads on your phone, resulting in malicious popups that can lead to further app downloads if you aren’t careful.

FraudPlus, otherwise known as a.fraudware.selfmite.a, infected 90 users in 28 countries before it was caught and neutralized. NQ Mobile Security users are protected from any further outbreaks of this virus.

FraudPlus downloads were limited to 3rd party app stores, so folks who exclusively download their apps from Google Play were protected in this case, unless the malware was sent to them by SMS.

Countries affected by FraudPlus

Countries affected by FraudPlus

Package Name: com.google.gsn.plus

SMS Samples (links now redirect to 404 pages):

  1. Hey, try it, its very fine. http://x.co/5XBNm
  2. b. Hi buddy, try this, its amazing u know. http://x.co/5XXHl

Malware Screenshots:

FraudPlus Screenshot     FraudPlus screenshot

Permissions Requested:


Protect Yourself from FraudPlus:
NQ Mobile Security users are already fully protected from FraudPlus and all other malware threats. If you don’t have a powerful mobile security application on your phone, we recommend that you take the following precautions to prevent damage from future threats:

1. Only download applications from trusted and reputable app stores and markets—think Google Play.

2. Always check reviews, ratings and developer information before downloading apps.

3. Never accept app download requests from unknown sources.

4. Closely monitor requested app permissions to be sure the app is accessing no more than what it needs to. That flashlight app requesting your location? Yeah, your gut is correct, that makes no sense so take a pass.

5. Be alert for any unusual behavior exhibited by your mobile phone—it can be a sign of malware. If you find yourself in a situation like this it’s time to run a quick anti-virus check.

NQ Mobile Security for Android is available for download at nq.com and on Google Play.

Safely stay on top of all things Sochi with these 2014 Winter Olympics Android apps

Team Great Britain Andrew Ferguson via Compfight

This past week has been full of great TV moments from the Sochi 2014 Olympics, but did you know that there are a host of Android apps designed to help you enjoy the winter games? While plentiful, not all of them are legit—a quick search of “Olympics” on Google Play returns an alarming number of fraudulent and phony results, so stick with this list of official Olympic apps and follow our tips to avoid the bad ones.

Official Sochi 2014 Olympics apps

Olympic Athletes’ Hub: Discover and follow the verified accounts of Olympians across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Search by “Athlete”, “Team”, “Sport”, and “Game” and get a unique overview of this year’s Olympic contenders. 

Olympic TV: An exciting live video service, enabling users to watch live and on-demand video of all competition sessions at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. See market description for a list of supported countries.

Sochi 2014 Guide: This Mobile Guide to the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi will make your Games unforgettable. The app keeps you up to date and informed of competition schedules and other events.

Sochi 2014 Results: The official Sochi 2014 Results application provides full details of the sports program of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games. Get quick and easy access to competition schedules and results.

2014 Team USA Road to Sochi: The app follows the making of Team USA and the athletes’ results and experiences in Sochi during the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The app includes in-depth athlete bios, photo galleries and video clips, and a “My Team USA” section which allows you to customize feeds from your favorite athletes.

NBC Olympic Highlights: Experience the best of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games with the NBC Olympics Highlights and Results app. Get prepared for the Games now by checking out news, video, and photos for every sport—all from your Android handheld or tablet device.

Sochi Wireless Olympics Works: This app offers the most direct access to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and allows users to design and personalize their experience in ways that are most relevant to their interests and passions.

How to avoid phony Olympic apps

We haven’t listed all the Olympic apps, and there are sure to be some other good ones, so follow these tips to stay away from the bad apps.

  • Look for Google’s “Top Developer” badge on the app’s Play store page.
  • Check too see if any of your friends or contacts have given the app a +1 on Google+.
  • Scan the reviews and reviewers and read their comments, beware of bad review scores.
  • Consider the date an app was updated—has it been quite a while? At best, the app isn’t being regularly maintained by its developer, and that can be a red flag.
  • Review the developer contact information to see if it seems legitimate.
  • Take into account the total installs, the more the merrier in this case.

Check out our post How to spot a bad Android app for more details.

Family Guardian Honored by Parent Pub, NAPPA

Since its launch in September of 2012, our award-winning Family Guardian security app has been honored with its fifth distinguished award.

NQ Family Guardian won the National Parenting Publication’s Seal of Approval this week in the “Gadgets ‘n’ Gear” category. NAPPA’s panel of independent, expert judges and parent testers evaluated hundreds of submissions looking for innovation, safety, quality, and the value they offer to parents.

NQ Family Guardian helps parents keep kids safe

Once Family Guardian is downloaded and installed on a child’s smartphone, its  web-based control center is accessible by a parent or guardian from any desktop or mobile browser. The app gives parents a wide range of choices about the latitude they want to allow for their mobile kids, and it’s easily adjusted for changing age and maturity. The app allows parents to decide how much time their child spends on a mobile device, what content the child can view online, and allows parents to monitor their kids’  mobile activities. In addition, kids can press a button for immediate contact should an emergency arise. With its user-friendly interface, parents and children can work together to set “blocks” and “allows.” Family Guardian keeps mobile kids safe, and provides parents with peace of mind.


For more than 20 years, the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) has been the go-to resource for the best products for families. Decisions are made by their team of independent, expert judges, along with family and child testers.  Julie Kertes, NAPPA’s General Manager, tells us,

Parents look to NAPPA for the best products available for their families, and for that reason, we don’t take the task of vetting each submission lightly. NQ Family Guardian provides peace of mind for parents as they teach their children phone responsibility and safety, and through our judging process, we are proud to announce it as a superior, reliable and innovative product worthy of the NAPPA seal of approval.”

We can’t ask for much higher praise than that.

 A consistent award-winner

We’re proud that NQ Family Guardian continues to receive awards that acknowledge its unique and outstanding features. In addition to this week’s NAPPA honors, Family Guardian has earned:

  • Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) seal of approval.
  • Top 25 app at the CES Mobile Apps Showdown
  • Semi-finalist in the 2013 Edison Awards
  • Finalist in the “Mobile Apps- Productivity, Utility & Public Safety” category of CTIA’s annual Emerging
  • Technology (E-Tech) Awards competition. (Winners to be announced May 22, 2013)

NQ Family Guardian is available for download on Google Play and at select wireless retail dealers nationwide. For a complete list of all 2013 NAPPA Parenting Resources winners and more information about the competition, visit www.NAPPAawards.com.

Employees Who Want BYOD: A Few Tips

Are you still discussing the pros and cons about bringing your own mobile devices to work? It’s a concept that’s been subject to debate for quite some time now, and many enterprises have resolved the issue by implementing new forms of network security, as well as strict policy guidelines for employees.

We each have a preference for certain types of gadgets, whether it’s our favorite smartphone or tablet. Being comfortable with our own devices could improve efficiency, after all. Also, if the corporation isn’t paying for our devices or monthly service, they should be happy to have employees use their own gadgets for work.  Shouldn’t they?

If management’s being a bit stubborn about allowing personal devices, consider the security challenges your employer and IT managers may need to address to accommodate this arrangement.

1.  Your company may need to adopt a mobile device management system to track devices connected to the enterprise’s network.  IT Managers may place  limitations on what you can use and what you can do on your smartphone or pad – for a good reason. Consider how many different makes, models and, operating systems are available to the consumer, and the risks those variations might present to a corporate system. The MDM (mobile device management) system is critical to the secure flow of information between the enterprise and individual mobile users.

2.  Mobile users download apps – a lot of apps. When corporate data is accessible on a personal device, infected apps can easily be transferred into the larger system and, likewise, proprietary information can be transferred out of the system. Mobile app management (MAM) is a complex aspect of security that must be incorporated to protect the security and health of the enterprise’s network. Your company may be forced to blacklist certain sites or apps, which may cramp your personal style. It’s a compromise.

3.  It seems unlikely, but when personal devices are used on the job, funds can get mixed up.  Especially when reps, agents and other less desk-intensive employees are out in the field, personal purchases can get inadvertently charged to the company, and corporate purchases end up on private charge accounts. Messy, and unacceptable. Again, your enterprise may be forced to place specific limits on mobile purchasing, just to avoid the potential accounting nightmares.

These are only just a few concerns from the corporate side of things, but resolving them can be complex and time-consuming. Certainly, other issues arise, such as those who spend an inordinate time on personal activities with their devices, and other personnel-related issues that come up.  The main point is, it’s not easy for a large network to maintain strong security while employees are tapping into data and documents with their personal devices.

So, be patient while your company figures it all out, follow their rules, and be sure to secure your own device with the strongest, most reliable mobile security on the market.

Do you have some thoughts or comments about the BYOD debate? Has your company got it all figured out? We’d love to hear from you on our blog, or join us on our Facebook page.

Tech Hive Gives Two NQ Mobile Apps the Once Over

Maybe NQ Mobile’s Family Guardian is a parent’s best friend, but we think kids are better off with it, too.  Peggy Watt at Tech Hive talked with Kim Titus about NQ’s specialized Family Guardian app, designed to monitor and keep smartphone-using kids safe. It’s a great way to assure parents their kids are using their phones appropriately, and to assert some much-needed control, especially when kids are younger and more vulnerable. The feature-filled app includes safety net features to keep track of kids and their activities, and an emergency button for them to use if they need you – and it’s super easy to use.

It’s all about safe kids.

Since a surprising 58 percent of kids aged 13 to 17 have their own smartphone, NQ Mobile recognizes the need for parents to participate in and be informed of their child’s activities as a great way to guide and protect them. The client app is a free download on Google Play; monitoring is done through a web service at http://www.nq.com/familyguardian. Family Guardian’s available for a 30-day trial, and subscriptions begin at $34.99 a year.

And then there’s NQ’s Vault…

Tech Hive also made a point of mentioning NQ Mobile’s Vault app, a secret data locker for the smartphone that’s recently caused a stir in the app market. Vault has some unique and surprising features designed to cloak data, such as photos and call logs. But, maybe even more intriguing, Vault can cloak itself, and provides the owner a photo of anyone who’s tried to access it illegally.  It’s a very cool privacy tool, available for both Android and iOS on iTunes.

We want to help

We always appreciate it when our great products are mentioned and acknowledged but our primary goal is to help people learn about smartphone safety and privacy. We developed a special new family website just for parents and teachers with interesting blogs, facts and learning materials.  Have you used Family Guardian or Vault? What do you like about them? Any stories to share with us?  Join the conversation on Facebook or leave comment on our blog page.