Threat Alerts

When new malware hits the market, we’ll be first to inform you.

  • Fake Google+ App Delivers Fraudulent SMS and Ad Spam The NQ Mobile Security Center has detected new Android malware masquerading as a Google+ app. The fake app is an SMS worm, and when activated, sends text messages to all of your contacts encouraging them to download the fraudulent app, as well. In addition, the app loads AdMob ads on your phone, resulting in malicious […] 2 min read October 28, 2014
  • Catch Up With the Latest News from NQ Mobile’s Research Team Around the globe, NQ Mobile’s team of security professionals are taking the pulse of the mobile landscape every day. They report back all the good news – like, about how we consumers are doing better at protecting our mobile devices – and sometimes they have some less-than-pleasant news to report. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of […] 2 min read April 16, 2013
  • Cross-Platform Attacks are Real Computers and Smartphones aren’t so different.  Researchers at NQ Mobile Security Center identified and confirmed a surprising new threat that showed up last month on Google Play. Syncing up your mobile gadgets using your PC’s USB port is routine stuff, but could an electronic infection be exchanged in the process? Apparently, yes. Here’s how it […] 3 min read February 8, 2013
  • Mobile Malware Alert: “Bill Shocker” Can Cost Users Money New mobile malware’s been discovered NQ Mobile’s Security Research Center has unearthed a nasty piece of malware called “Bill Shocker.” Using our proprietary RiskRanker™ cloud scanning engine, our engineers have confirmed this disturbing discovery. What makes it shocking? First, it’s potentially one of the most costly viruses yet discovered. In addition, it’s already impacted over 600,000 […] 3 min read January 30, 2013
  • LEAK ALERT: YOUR APPS COULD GIVE AWAY PRIVATE DATA Today Ars Technica reported that as many as 185 million smartphone users could expose their online banking and personal data through apps that have inadequate encryption protection — disturbing news for Android users. Computer science researchers at two German universities identified 41 applications in Google’s Play Market that “leaked sensitive data as it traveled between […] 2 min read October 22, 2012
  • Watch Out for VDLoader – New Malware Delivers Bad Apps Via SMS NQ Mobile researchers discovered yet another malware threat for Android this week. Much like last week’s discovery of DyPusher, this one, called VDLoader, has an added feature – it pushes infected apps and URLS, but also pushes its own upgrades. What is it? To refresh your memory, an app-pusher is disguised malware that “pushes” unwanted […] 2 min read July 31, 2012