Our NQ Mobile research team has discovered a mobile phone virus called Fake Angry Birds. Within a half day after we confirmed it, over 7500 mobile phones were hacked. The majority of victims live in China. But the United States was also impacted  The virus rides along on the upgraded version of Flow Killer, and can result in significant charges to victims’ mobile bills. Our researchers are advising smartphone users to be careful when downloading Angry Birds or other games, as they’re hot targets for scammers.

Star Wars Angry Birds is coming soon

Angry Birds Star Wars is set for a November 8 release date and, based on past experience, we can expect a malware-loaded version to hit the market immediately afterward.

Recent history tells us that every release of Angry Birds for Android is followed almost immediately with a fake version of the app that contains malware. It’s a proven pattern that a tainted version comes out within 24 hours of each new version.  Knowing that, it’s almost guaranteed that it will happen again when Angry Birds Star Wars is released next month.

How do you know if you have the real thing?

A powerful mobile security package will alert you before you download a malware-loaded app. NQ Mobile Security protects you from viruses like the one in China, and malware like we’ve seen in the past in the Angry Birds app.  Catching and eliminating an infected app before it’s able to reach your smartphone is like a reprieve from the abyss – malware can cost great sums of money and a lot of headaches.

When you go to download the new Angry Birds Star Wars app, you’re likely to see more than ten download offers. You won’t know which one is clean and which carries a payload of malware. Make sure you get your apps from a trusted source, and don’t opt for free apps – they almost always contain more than you’ve bargained for. But most importantly, download NQ Mobile Security today – it’s free – and it will take the guesswork out of installing that new AB app you’ve been waiting for!  If you try to download a malicious game or app, NQ Mobile Security will tell you it’s not safe. Problem solved!

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