It happens more often than you might think, even to the most organized individuals.  Whether you leave it in an airport coffee shop or your toddler hides it in the toy box, a missing mobile phone can be distressing.

Downloading NQ Mobile‘s Premium package gives you a huge advantage when you need to locate your lost phone and protect its contents.  With NQ’s loss and theft feature, you need only take a few steps to protect your privacy.

LOCK IT.  Take steps immediately to remotely lock your phone.  Especially if you don’t have your phone set to automatically lock after a short period of time, this step is crucial.  The longer your phone is left in an unlocked position, the odds of someone getting to your data grown.

SOUND THE ALARM.  Set off your phone’s alarm using NQ Mobile’s remote alarm system.  If you phone’s nearby, you’ll know it.  If it’s not, it will make an annoying racket somewhere for someone.  An alarm that goes off in a thief’s pocket will alert those around him, and make compel him to ditch the phone.  An alarm may alert a store manager to find and put the phone aside in case someone claims it.

WIPE IT CLEAN.  If you aren’t able to find the phone, and you think it could be stolen or unlikely to be found any time soon, use NQ’s remote wipe system to delete the phone’s contents.  This will include all your messages, apps and everything else you’ve stored.  No one can abuse your private information once the phone’s cleared of data.  If and when the phone turns up, you can restore your contacts easily.


NQ Mobile’s loss protection feature were tested in an independent study at West Coast Labs along with seven of our closest competitors’.   While our product results were superior in every category, we are especially proud of the results of our loss and theft features.

  • NQ’s alarm reacted remotely within one minute of being activated.  Our alarm feature can be activated through the web or through an SMS message, while others force the user to choose one or the other.
  • The NQ Mobile’s locate feature performed in less than one minute from a 200 meter distance, while some competitors’ tested either inaccurately, or were simply unable to locate the test phone at all at that distance.
  • Our system’s ability to remotely erase data, triggered by SMS, was activated in less than a minute, and did a more thorough job than others.  Some products could not be remotely triggered by SMS, another requires a restart of the hone to perform the function, and others left important data behind on the SD card.

What’s the best insurance against loss and theft of your smartphone and its contents?  NQ Mobile ‘s premium package.  Hopefully, you’ll never misplace your smartphone, but if you do, you won’t be sorry that you took a moment to download the best protection on the global market.

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