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NQ Mobile’s announced its new collaboration with Phones 4u, a major mobile retailer in the UK.  More than 600 Phones 4u retail outlets will now offer NQ Mobile Security to their customers, as we at NQ Mobile continue our efforts to get strong protection into the hands of as many mobile consumers as possible.

Phones 4u 

Founded in 1996, Phones 4u has a customer base of youthful, fashionable and technologically passionate mobile users with an appetite for the latest technology. It offers all major networks and handset brands available in the UK, and was the official UK retail partner for the Samsung Mobile PIN pop-up experiences opening across London in the summer of 2012. Phones 4u is Samsung’s exclusive retail partner for its Samsung experience Zone.

NQ Mobile’s award-winning security software

Omar Khan, our Co-Chief Executive Officer, commented that, “Retailers such as Phones 4u are essential collaborators in our efforts to expand globally and protect mobile users across the world.” Our flagship Mobile Security software’s been recognized repeatedly for its excellence in quickly detecting and extinguishing viruses and malware, offering an array of impressive features:

  • Award-Winning Mobile Security: Fights malware, spyware, phishing, viruses, hacking, and more.
  • Privacy Protection:  Protects the data stored on your phone, ensuring that your social  networking, email, and financial accounts can’t be hacked and your  personal calls can’t be recorded.
  • Anti-Theft/Anti-Loss:  Remotely locates, locks, or deletes information from a lost or stolen mobile device, and sounds an alarm to help you find it.
  • Backup and Restore: Safely and seamlessly stores your contacts so you can easily access them from any Web browser.
  • System Optimization: Provides control over running apps and power consumption.
  • Traffic Monitoring: Provides real-time updates on data usage and caps on maximum data usage.

NQ Mobile Security is  also available on the Google Play store along with NQ Family Guardian and NQ Mobile Vault for Android.

It’s our intention at NQ Mobile to educate mobile users around the world, and protect them from incidents that make our mobile experience less pleasant, such as cybercrime, theft and malware. Collaborating with companies like Phones 4u supports that intention by getting our protection products into the minds and phones of folks just like us, who enjoy our technology and want it to be care free.  We’re pleased to align with Phones 4u as a welcome partner in that effort.

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