NQ Mobile sees record growth in malware threats in 2013

Based on insights from more than 250 security professionals, the NQ Mobile 2013 Mid-year Security Report was released today, and it’s packed full of information about the current state of mobile security.

We encourage you to read the full report, but here are some highlights for you to get started on:

  • The top five most infected markets in 2013 along with their respective share of the world’s mobile infected devices were China (31.71 percent), Russia (17.15 percent), India (10.38 percent), USA (6.53 percent) and Thailand (6.04 percent).
  • China continued to be the leading market for infected mobile devices with over 6.7 million new device infections – a 43 percent increase from 1Q to 2Q 2013.
  • Ukraine saw the most dramatic increase, growing 485 percent from 1Q to 2Q 2013. Russia and Ukraine together now account for almost 20 percent of the world’s new mobile infections.
  • New mobile infections in Saudi Arabia grew 28.46 percent from 1Q to 2Q 2013.
  • The Southeast Asia countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam all made the top 10 most infected market list. When combined, these countries make up 12.01 percent of the world’s total mobile malware infections.
  • India and the United States saw the most dramatic reductions in new malware infections – with 88 and 63 percent decreases, respectively, from 1Q to 2Q 2013.
  • The top three methods for delivering malware in 2013 continue to be app repackaging, malicious URLs, and smishing.

NQ Mobile’s 2013 Mid-Year Security Report is based on insights from NQ Mobile’s Security Lab, a team of more than 250 mobile security professionals, scientists and developers around the world who proactively monitor the mobile landscape for new malware threats and mobile hacking methods. This report is also based on data collected using NQ Mobile proprietary tools and services.

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