NQ Mobile’s newest smartphone privacy app, NQ Mobile Vault, is getting some enthusiastic attention from the media these days.  Simply put, NQ Mobile Vault lets you keep your private stuff, well, private.

Here’s an example of how Vault works. If you hand over your smartphone–and the private data on it—to a friend or coworker to scroll through your vacation photos, play video games, or watch movies, there’s no way to filter what they see. While we may be comfortable with most of our stuff, others can easily see the stuff we’d rather keep private.

NQ Mobile Vault solves the problem. It’s a privacy app that creates an encrypted and password-protected space on your Android device where you can safely select and store private contacts, SMS messages, call logs, photos, and videos. And we just launched a version for you iPhone users, too.

CNET’s July review sings Vault’s praises for its “super simple interface, encryption technology and powerful features.”  The free version is a powerful privacy tool, but the Premium version of Vault offers even more robust safety features.  With Vault Premium, if someone tries to break into your Vault by trying to guess your password, the app secretly takes a photo of the offender with its super-cool Break-in Monitor, so you’ll know who’s trying to snoop.

Vault’s the best of its kind with its added ability to be placed in stealth mode. No one ever has to know you have the app on your phone.  If you are ever forced to open it for someone else, you can open a fake version of the app without having to reveal your most private data to anyone.

CNET reviewer, Jaymar Cabebe, calls Vault “the simplest application I’ve seen for keeping text messages, call history, contacts, photos, and videos private on your mobile device.”  Vault’s interface is clean, friendly and extremely easy to use. The unique password you choose for the app is simply entered along with pound symbols (#).

NQ Mobile Vault for Android is available for download on our website.  Mr. Cabebe at CNET says he’s “confident you won’t be disappointed with NQ Mobile Vault.”  We are too.

Do you have stuff you’d rather keep private on your smartphone?  Have you downloaded Vault?  Share your experiences and stories about privacy violations or the stuff you want to keep private on your phone. Leave your comments on our blog, or join us on Facebook.


  1. This app does not have same content on IPhone as it is on droid network.. I am waiting on another company to produce a place to hide text, call logs, messages, etc.. I wish it was the same advertised app of droid network.. iPhones need privacy too..

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