It’s baaaaack – holiday shopping time means different things to different people.  After many years of braving the traffic, bad weather and stressed out shoppers, we have a better, more peaceful way to shop for the people we care about.  Think back — who hasn’t bought a totally wrong gift, just because they were in a hurry to get out of the store?  With our mobile devices, shopping is easier, faster, and in some ways, safer.  After all, when you can do it sitting comfortably in a warm, quiet space, shopping is a breeze.

That being said, don’t forget that there are safety issues with mobile shopping, as well.  Many shoppers go to the malls and package stores just to look, and then place their orders online.  That’s a great idea, but if you sit down at a coffee shop in the mall to do your ordering, you may be using an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot! Cyber criminals know how to electronically sweep through a location like this and pick up bank account and credit card information.  You won’t know the difference until your bills or bank statements arrive – don’t take a chance on spoiling your generous holiday sentiments.   Use a connection you know is safe.

Did you see those ads for huge discounts and free promotional offers splashing across your screen on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?  A good way to circumvent any criminal activity is to avoid clicking on those ads and, instead, go directly to the websites of the companies making these great offers.  And, speaking of mobile malware – the best peace of mind available over the holidays is the security provided by a super powerful mobile security app. Before you even think about shopping on your mobile device, make sure you’ve downloaded a reputable, tested and award-winning mobile safety net.

Unfortunately, those who prefer to steal their holiday money from mobile users are out in force this year.  Cyber thieves – who are generally quite smart, by the way – make it their business to get busy when shoppers get busy.  Make sure you buy from reputable dealers, that your bank has a safe and secure mobile system, and that you’re covered for fraud by your credit card company.

We’re making our lists and checking them twice – with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm fire – and getting our shopping done on our mobile devices while we relax.  It’s a beautiful time of year to focus on family and create a stress-free environment by shopping safely online.  Happy holiday planning.

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