We’re proud to announce that NQ Mobile will now be integrating and offering enterprise endpoint mobile security solutions to Vox Mobile customers around the world.  What does it mean?  It means that enterprise customers and employees can enjoy the privacy and security of their data, comfortably safe from mobile threats or unsecured environments.

At NQ Mobile, we have 242 million user accounts in over 150 countries.  Our approach to security and privacy is a holistic one – our products protect your devices, your company and your loved ones — so, we’re happy to announce this collaboration with Vox Mobile.  Our Co-Chief Executive, Omar Khan, says, “BYOD enterprise users are demanding endpoint mobile security and privacy solutions and our partnership with Vox Mobile enables us to jointly address this market need.”

Who is Vox Mobile?

Since 2004, Vox Mobile’s been providing mobility solutions for enterprises throughout the US and Canada.   Recognized as a leader in Managed Mobility services, Vox provides support and services to more than 600 organizations.  As a founding member of the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA), Vox Mobile provides global, follow-the-sun, in-country support in 41 languages with 24/7 support

The Bring Your Own Device phenomenon (BYOD) is well understood by Kris Snyder, CEO for Vox. He comments, “As an effect of BYOD and workforce deployment programs, our enterprise clients believe that it is no longer a question of if they will add Android solutions to their mobile environments but a question of when.  Given NQ’s world-class security capabilities, 2013 should be the year that Android gains acceptance in the enterprise.”

A great match

Clearly, Vox Mobile and NQ Mobile are a perfect fit for the BYOD environment, since NQ’s enterprise security solution provides:

  •  Award-Winning Mobile Security: Fights malware, spyware, phishing, viruses, hacking, and more.
  • Privacy Protection:  Protects the data stored on your phone, ensuring that your social networking, email, and financial accounts can’t be hacked and your personal calls can’t be recorded. Password-protects your confidential messages and call logs. Hides your private contacts and messages folder.
  • Anti-Theft/Anti-Loss:  Remotely locates, locks, or deletes information from a lost or stolen mobile device, and sounds an alarm to help you find it.
  • Backup and Restore: Safely and seamlessly stores your contacts so you can easily access them from any Web browser.
  • System Optimization: Provides control over running apps and power consumption.
  • Traffic Monitoring: Provides real-time updates on data usage and caps on maximum data usage.

At NQ Mobile, we’re proud to be recognized as a global pioneer in mobile innovation and technology leadership, and we welcome the opportunity to team up with Vox Mobile. For more details, read today’s press release.

 Photos courtesy of Vox Mobile

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