Last week, the NQ Mobile team spent four days at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where we marveled at the incredible future of mobile devices and were constantly reminded of just how important mobile security is.

Our research team has been closely monitoring trends in mobile security, tracking how security threats are rising at higher rates as smartphones become more popular and innovative. In 2009, NQ Mobile researchers reported 4,781 cases of mobile malware. At this time, cyber criminals were still focusing on the PC as their primary target for attacks. In 2011, this number jumped to 22,600 cases of mobile malware, clearly showing that scammers are now targeting smartphones in a major way.

What’s behind this change? For starters, people are using their smartphones as mini-computers—to shop, bank, email, and more. As a result, their personal and financial data is stored in their smartphones. However, they’re not protecting their mobile devices with the security they need, making them easy targets for cyber criminals.

We took a closer look at how mobile malware and the behavior of the cyber criminals behind it are evolving in our new infographic, which you’ll find below.

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