Watch Out for VDLoader – New Malware Delivers Bad Apps Via SMS

NQ Mobile researchers discovered yet another malware threat for Android this week. Much like last week’s discovery of DyPusher, this one, called VDLoader, has an added feature – it pushes infected apps and URLS, but also pushes its own upgrades.

What is it?

To refresh your memory, an app-pusher is disguised malware that “pushes” unwanted apps and URLs into your smartphone’s system, obeying commands from a remote server. This one masks itself on your phone as an SMS text message. Once you click on the details of the fake message, it goes to work downloading infected apps.

Our scientists say VDLoader not only causes unnecessary consumption of data leading to potential financial loss, but introduces some serious security threats to your Android phone, as well.

How can you tell if VDLoader’s in your smartphone?

Unfortunately, you can’t. You won’t see an icon or any other evidence of VDLoader on your phone. You’ll only see fake text messages from unknown senders. This malware kicks into action once you click on a link within the SMS message where it’s hiding.

What to do?

NQ Mobile Security users are already fully protected from VDLoader and all other malware threats. If you don’t have a powerful mobile security application on your phone, we recommend that you take the following precautions to prevent any damage from VDLoader (and other threats):

  • Avoid and delete uninvited or unfamiliar text messages. If you do open one, don’t click any links contained in the message.
  • Only download applications from trusted sources, reputable application stores, and markets.
  • Be sure to check reviews, ratings, and developer information before you download anything.
  • Never accept application requests from unknown sources, and closely monitor permissions requested by any application. An application shouldn’t request permission to do more than what it says it will do in its privacy policy.
  • Look out for unusual behavior on your smartphone, such as your device shutting down unexpectedly or displaying constant pop-up messages.
  • Download NQ Mobile Security for Android today to make sure you’re protected against mobile malware and other privacy threats.

Do SMS (text) messages ever show up on your phone from unfamiliar senders? What do you usually do with them? Have you ever been stung by SMS malware? Tell us your stories about unwanted text messages here on our blog, or on our Facebook page.

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